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Monday, March 14, 2011

Is it you or me?

About two to three days ago nature showed all its anger at once! Well, thats how it looked like. A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake was struck in Japan which also resulted in a Tsunami. It looked like one of those disaster movies, 2012-Best example! But depressingly, it was not. So what do we do about it? What does our nation do about it? Do we just sit and watch people die? Many countries have offered help. Why isn't our government? Most of the time we really blame the system in our country! It is messed up, no doubt about it.. but there is something called individual contribution.What would YOU do as an individual? As an individual we must learn.. We must know that next time it can be us. We should understand that what we read in books and news-paper about how we're killing the earth is not to make you sleep! We must take initiative! We must save OUR earth. It's already too late.

As an individual, I also offer my prayers to Japan. 
Please don't lose faith.

A Japanese man surrounded by destruction.

Jai Japaan!


  1. Lets hope things get better soon...

  2. It was a nice post..:)..But as far as i know India has already assured them and Gujarat has sent a team..

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