“Sometimes I wish that I was the weather, you'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day.”-John Mayer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random is cool. ;)

10 things I love at the moment. (Yes, I'm bored)

You tube videos. I mean. Not the ones that are perfectly shot about celebrity stuff but the normal people ones. I just LOVE how people out there are showcasing their talent and creating space for themselves. Real cool.

Twitter-I never understood it before but now, I'm addicted. Its super awesome. I love my tweethood. :)

My new phone-HTC is supposed to be SUPER complicated. Well thats what people have always told. Well, it took me three hours to figure out how to delete a message but, other than that, yeah. I think its quite nice. So far so good.

Rain-Okay. Its nothing new about me. I've always loved the rain but this time, its not because of my attachment to it. Its only because of the heat. ITS SO HOT! Going out makes you go mad.

Mangoes-In contrast to the above, the only reason ANYONE loves summer is for mangoes. I can never get sick of them. I had the sweetest mango ever yesterday! What else can I say? It isn't called the king of all fruits for no reason.

Writing-Though I've always loved writing this summer's making me quite the philosophical one. Thanks to all those episodes of One Tree Hill I've been watching. Man, that show just strikes you on your heart. Its a good show. Lumiere and World Movies too. People don't watch much of foreign movies but I think they're really educational and beautiful. Just try watching them. They can make you smile and cry at the same time. (A movie lover's telling you)

Sugarcane Juice- Do I look like someone who'll die for food now? I guess I do. Wait. Sugarcane juice is a beverage. So I guess its okay right? I'm talking to myself now. A day out in the hot sun and then a glass of sugarcane juice-takes you straight to heaven. I love it.

'I love you, you know that right?' I love this line. Sigh. I love cinema.

Chris Gayle-This summer we've had too much of cricket because of the IPL starting as soon as the World Cup ended but watching Chris Gayle on fire was one thing I'll always cherish. Though the Hyderabad home team didn't live upto our expectations, I still watched other teams play and was gone to a different world watching this man smash every delivery. Chris Gayle, all hail.

My Friends-Board results can make you space out and mine certainly did. I was depressed and thank you guys for bringing me back. Thanks for all those talks. They somewhat did help me. (Why am I so lucky?) Thanks for being there when I needed you the most.

These are my random 10. What are yours?
(I made the text colorful so that it doesn't seem boring! I'm SO smart. ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You made me.

8th Grade! Teacher's day, if I'm not wrong? 2008.
The only sane Picture of 7th grade!  
My friends are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Really. I don't even know how all of us came this far. I still remember the first day of school and Meghana trying to annoy me in Telugu class back in first grade (I didn't forget that yet). Me being jealous of Greeshma's Bugs Bunny water bottle and Anushka's costume in the second class concert. All of us ACTUALLY became friends back in 5th grade when we just did. God knows how! But, thank god, we did. From then, how time passed I can hardly remember! All I remember is, 7th grade was the best year and we still love it. The between the class talks (Though I was never in your class), the parking lot walks, the TV  show discussions, the picture obsessions, movies, girls room gossips, crazy text messaging, hanging out, the lunch hall fun and even when I got into trouble, you guys were always there! Shivani, I didn't forget you. I never will. Parents watch you grow but friends, grow up with you and I think that's beautiful. We did fight sometimes, there was this phase when we didn't talk to each other much but nothing really broke us.

When you're a junior, you're always inspired by your seniors. You want to be like them someday and start imagining yourself in their shoes. I was like that. I still am and I'm not scared to say it. So if you're inspired by someone, I think its totally normal, just don't copy though. Now, we are seniors. Hopefully, it'll still be 'we'. HPS is a place where I got everything from. Lessons and Love as I call it. Inside and outside class as well. For all the 'inside the class, I must thank my teachers, but outside, it was our world, a different one. Call me weird, but those are where most of my good times lie. 
And us, NOW. 2011.
I still remember the first day of our Senior School. We were so excited. We were feeling all grown up and all. I know that every teenager has been through that day! One side, not wanting to grow up and the other wanting to make some place of their own in the world. Well, we had our moments, so many. I can't name every possible thing we did together cause I'd probably die and my page would be over-crowded with words but as they say, 'We many not remember days, but we remember moments' and every moment with you guys is worth remembering. So, now that boards are done and we have our results coming out soon, we MAY end  up in different schools (hopefully not) but I want you to know that you'll always have me by your side when you need me.

I love you.

The other day, a junior said, "You guys are the coolest gang ever!" Sounds a little crazy but looks like we made some difference after all! ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm gonna die! :| I think.

Okay! So its the 8th already! 10 more days for the ICSE results to come out and I have a VERY strong feeling that I'm gonna die! I did them pretty okay, but I dunno! I keep getting nightmares and trust me! They're not good, they're SO scary that its not even funny. Exaggeration? Well, maybe a little but, they ARE scary! I didn't screw them up but I didn't ace them as well. Well, actually I'll get to know that in ten days. Ten days. Ten days! TEN DAYS?? Okaay! I'm going crazy! And this time, eating is not helping me! Cause whenever I'm sad, I eat and I feel alright. Now, I need some serious help! I think. Oh my god! Sorry about my confused state of mind.

How I hate nightmares! :|

Tuesday, May 3, 2011