“Sometimes I wish that I was the weather, you'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day.”-John Mayer.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Making new beginnings

Sometimes in life we feel that everything in the universe is going against us and don't seem to understand as to why. My mum says all these feelings come as we grow up but somehow I tend to feel that its only me. I know that I'm not god but I tend to make my own assumptions about such things. There are many things I aspire to do in my life, many things I know I cannot but simply want to.. cause that's how I planned my life to be. My name is Aishwarya Nagula who aspires to be SOMEONE someday and loves to have fun but doesn't know how to balance between fun and academics.
Good to meet you.
Sometimes, I feel like the most loved person in the whole world and sometimes, the most hated. Sometimes, there's no other person as beautiful as me and sometimes I'm the ugliest of all. Sometimes I seem to love everything thats around me and sometimes I just think, "why me?". 
I love to make new friends but I don't know how the old ones seem to drift away?
With so many questions, I wanna live a life.

There are a million things I wanna do before I die, a million places I want to go, a million moments I want to live and I know I will.
What do you want to do before you die?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What the hell am I doing?

Okay. When you deactivate your facebook account for sometime you tend to feel so restless. Why do you think I'm writing this stupid blog? Ok. It'snot stupid but this is of no use. That's the world's biggest truth. Maaaybee in future I'll read this and laugh about how funny or weird I used to be, but.. for now, it's not helping me at all. Facebook, I miss you so much. The only reason I'm waiting for boards to get over is so that I can reactivate my facebook. It feels like I've been cut off from the world! Seriously! 24th March. Come soon, pleaseee?
Okay. I'll move to a better topic now. World cup's starting! And pepsi commercials can't get any better! Dhoni, You're awesomeee!

Ok. Tomorrow Biology pre-final. Today's Chemistry was BAD! But, on the contrary I'll have to write Chemistry exam only ONE more time in my entire life! Hopefully I don't change my mind about that.

Now, study time! :)

Facebook, I miss you.
Dhoni, I love you. Not as much as Sachin though but, yeah.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sometimes we come across some people who make you feel like the most special person on this planet and I'm lucky that I'm surrounded by such people! Well, at least some people are! :) 

To all those people I'd like to tell,
and don't stop making me feel special cause I'll probably break down and die! I love being loved! You know it. The whole purpose of putting this here is a long story! Well, not that long but yeah, a story!

Studying for a physics exam-Sleep depriving! 
But still, no matter how much you study you can NEVER do well. Why is it SO sad I don't understand!  And I pray to god, ALWAAAAYS! But NOOOO! He'll help everyone in their exams but not me! Okay! I'm not complaining! So.. Where was I? Yeah. Once the exam was over (it wasn't that bad) and I came home and just fell on my bed and then......SOUND ASLEEP! And when you're tired, you get a dream as soon as your eyes shut. I got a dream! I was Japanese! (Thanks to Ankit Kolar) and was in Japan and Greeshma was not there! You feel so lonely when you're best friend's not around. It was just namesake Japan.. Cause my japan had the empire state building! Very weird I must say! So... Yeah. Not only Greeshma, NO ONE WAS THEREE! Except for Chingy people who spoke a foreign language and I was lonely! 
This might not sound that much of a nightmare, but.. It was! No one likes to be alone and I DEFINITELY don't. So.. PLEAASEE! No matter how much I piss you off in some way or the other just keep talking to me.. Actually.. you don't even have to talk to me! Just bear MY talking that's more than enough! And I'm sure I'm not that big of a head ache also! :D

Annndd for Kit Kat, JAI JAPAN! :D
Hahahaha! And thanks for being an awesome friend SO fast and yes, I know I'm awesome too! And the most awesome thing are our "after-my-boards-plans". Hahaha! Woooossh! xD
Ok. Like all my blogs are this one's also COMPLETELY self-satisfactory! So.. Don't mind eh? :)

Ok. I'll go now or I'll miss How I met your mother.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okaaaayyy! Hellooo! Firstly, A very happy new year to everyone! I know I'm too late! 18 days latee! Sigh. Anyway.. So..  My new hasn't started off that well so far! Obviously! I'm in 10th grade! Can't wait. Two more months to gooo! And VOILAAA! If there'll be something missing in my life that'll be boredom! Well, I hope! I'm a person that gets bored really easy! Why do you even think I made this blog? Yes. I'm bored now. It's not exactly the time that I should actually be bored cause I have my pre-final tomorrow..You know.. E.ed. Sigh. I kinda screwed up my English paper today! I'm pretty sad about it cause it usually doesn't happen, atleast in English. Okayy! Now.. I'm gonna stop my  nerdy talks! P.s. I'm NO nerd. Everybody knows that.. And god, I'll take care of tomorrow's exam somehow but math.. HELP MEEEEEEE! :(
Man! I have so much to type my my hands ache and I have to study! 

I'll tell you something?
I'm bored.