“Sometimes I wish that I was the weather, you'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day.”-John Mayer.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update, wishes and LOVEE!

Thanks for turning some really normal days into days we'll always remember in most of our lives.
You are a beautiful person and I'm really gonna miss you at the match today! How I wished you could play but.
I'm still gonna hold a banner saying 'Happy Birthday Sachin!' at the match if I go there! :) though I'm supposed to cheer the Chargers.. :/
A hero is a person who makes our life worthwhile by doing little things that give us joy and inspire us! 
Sachin, Thanks for being my hero and inspiring me through many things that you've done!

I love you. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

India-2011 World Cup Winners! We really did win.

Okay! It really seems that god is really listening to my prayers now. Today was one day that I'll never forget even if I ever get affected with amnesia. WE WON THE WORLD CUP TODAY! 
Dhoni and Kohli, All proud. :)
I'm really not gonna exaggerate the match details cause most of you might already know that but India was JUST great today under the captaincy of M.S.Dhoni. Superstar I say! Gautam Ghambir and Virat Kohli shared a great partnership to get the match to a proper state and when Kolhi lost his wicket Dhoni and Ghambir simply rocked it! Yuvraj Singh was simply outstanding this time when all the ending of the game was shaped really beautifully with his parnership with Dhoni. The game ended with a six by Dhoni proving his amazing batsmen skills which I feel he preserved for the finals. Even though the fans were kinda put off by Sehwag and Sachin, it all doesn't matter anymore cause the cup that matters is in our hands now. After 26 years we finally get to grace it and as an Indian its a moment of pride. 
I'm also extremely happy for my favorite player Sachin Tendulkar who taught me to love the game. Today was his last ODI and I'm so glad it ended happy for him. HE deserved it. 
Honestly, I think this is the most happiest day in my life! The moment when the team was called to take the cup, tears rolled down my eyes and I'm sure I was not the only one. For that one moment I forgot everything. The only thing I could experience was pure happiness and trust me, that does not happen very often.

So, cheers to this beautiful day! I was asking god for a sign that this would be a good year, well I guess this is it. Thank you, Team India for making us all so happy! The roads were filled with so much joy today! You've made us really proud.
Sachin, I'm really gonna miss you but, you know I'll still love you right?
And for something I've been longing to say, 'I was alive when India won the World Cup!'

God bless 2nd April, 2011.