“Sometimes I wish that I was the weather, you'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day.”-John Mayer.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Board Exams-Death.

Hello! Preparing for board exams can be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring! Your either juggling all books or sleeping among them.. to me the second part would imply! You're not able to sleep all night and in the mornings, you're searching for five minutes to take a small nap and that five minutes actually end up being an hour or two. Your mom's all super pissed and then you're hungry like you never ate anything. Every ten minutes you need something to eat. You eat and eat and eat and eat, it just wont stop! Once you eat, you're sleepy again! Then, you wake up and read a lesson or two (just read) and then-BREAK TIMEEEE! Which we say is some 15 minutes but actually results to be 3 hours! That's how the day ends when you decide that the next day you're gonna sit and slog and make use of the time very efficiently, but that does not happen! You're doing the SAAAAAAMEEE thing all over again! You know, at the back of your head, it keeps ringing! You know that you HAVE to be tensed but-NO! 

During board exams everything which seemed to be pointless or boring seem to be the most interesting things ever! You watch all those movies that you'd never watch or do things that you'd never do! I don't know if I'm the only one that is this way or if many people are going through this, but all I know is, THIS is not good. Hopefully, its a normal thing. Now only god can help me! 

Elephant. Really?
4 days to go!
Good luck to everyone and please pray for me as well cause I need all the luck in the world. :)


  1. This post reminiscent me of "my board exams" .. ,
    trust me u aren't the only one, during exams!.. my urge to watch the movies, n accessing facebook.. 'intensifies'!! :(

  2. Hahah! Good to know.

    Annnd.. Dudee! I think I know you. As in I've heard about you.

    Great blog btw. :)

  3. Thank you Aishwarya , btw what have you heard about me ? :)

    n yeah! all the very best for ur board exams... write well!...ok! ;)

  4. Haha! Not that heard.. I meant I think I'm familiar with your name. Are you Harika Vangala's friend or something? Or do you know her?

    Thank you SO much. My life's last History exam's tomorrow. So I really need that. :)

  5. This is like a reminiscence! I was just like that.

    Don't worry at all. It's very normal.


  6. May be that was another anuroop, i guess! :) ... for the record I love history :P ..

  7. Maybe. :)

    Haha! And I'm donee with it. xD
    History's now history!

  8. Haha! well... atleast you tried... with my boards i didnt even bother :P