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Friday, March 25, 2011

26,500 dead so far and thousands more missing..

25,600 dead so far, thousands more missing. A few days ago, Japan was hit was hit by one of the most destructive tsunamis the world has ever witnessed. Most of the island has been utterly wrecked and what little remains now serves as a refugee camp to the few who still survive. The remnants of the affected areas is simply horrifying. Where mere days ago stood magnificent, towering structures and a scenic beauty to boot, there now lies a mere shadow, stripped of nigh on everything, an unimaginable, unrecognizable wasteland.

So the question now on everyone's mind is " Will they ever come back from this?" , "Is there any hope of recovery?" Perhaps, behind all the pain this country has been put through, there still lies a glimmer of hope. So for those of you who are reading this, please, do your part, even if its just a little. Donate what little you can, help where you can, or just pray for the poor souls trapped out there waiting, hoping for someone, anyone to rescue them from the living hell they're in right now.

-Ashwin Kola
His view on the japanese tsunami. Writes great doesn't he? :)


  1. Friend eh? Yes, he definately does..!

    And we're all praying that they should be fine..!!

  2. Ashwin is good... butt.. should have been a little longer..!!