“Sometimes I wish that I was the weather, you'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day.”-John Mayer.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sometimes we come across some people who make you feel like the most special person on this planet and I'm lucky that I'm surrounded by such people! Well, at least some people are! :) 

To all those people I'd like to tell,
and don't stop making me feel special cause I'll probably break down and die! I love being loved! You know it. The whole purpose of putting this here is a long story! Well, not that long but yeah, a story!

Studying for a physics exam-Sleep depriving! 
But still, no matter how much you study you can NEVER do well. Why is it SO sad I don't understand!  And I pray to god, ALWAAAAYS! But NOOOO! He'll help everyone in their exams but not me! Okay! I'm not complaining! So.. Where was I? Yeah. Once the exam was over (it wasn't that bad) and I came home and just fell on my bed and then......SOUND ASLEEP! And when you're tired, you get a dream as soon as your eyes shut. I got a dream! I was Japanese! (Thanks to Ankit Kolar) and was in Japan and Greeshma was not there! You feel so lonely when you're best friend's not around. It was just namesake Japan.. Cause my japan had the empire state building! Very weird I must say! So... Yeah. Not only Greeshma, NO ONE WAS THEREE! Except for Chingy people who spoke a foreign language and I was lonely! 
This might not sound that much of a nightmare, but.. It was! No one likes to be alone and I DEFINITELY don't. So.. PLEAASEE! No matter how much I piss you off in some way or the other just keep talking to me.. Actually.. you don't even have to talk to me! Just bear MY talking that's more than enough! And I'm sure I'm not that big of a head ache also! :D

Annndd for Kit Kat, JAI JAPAN! :D
Hahahaha! And thanks for being an awesome friend SO fast and yes, I know I'm awesome too! And the most awesome thing are our "after-my-boards-plans". Hahaha! Woooossh! xD
Ok. Like all my blogs are this one's also COMPLETELY self-satisfactory! So.. Don't mind eh? :)

Ok. I'll go now or I'll miss How I met your mother.


  1. Haha! I told you it was completely self-satisfactory! :P


  3. Duuudee. Japan is the bomb man. People are also nice.