“Sometimes I wish that I was the weather, you'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day.”-John Mayer.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm gonna die! :| I think.

Okay! So its the 8th already! 10 more days for the ICSE results to come out and I have a VERY strong feeling that I'm gonna die! I did them pretty okay, but I dunno! I keep getting nightmares and trust me! They're not good, they're SO scary that its not even funny. Exaggeration? Well, maybe a little but, they ARE scary! I didn't screw them up but I didn't ace them as well. Well, actually I'll get to know that in ten days. Ten days. Ten days! TEN DAYS?? Okaay! I'm going crazy! And this time, eating is not helping me! Cause whenever I'm sad, I eat and I feel alright. Now, I need some serious help! I think. Oh my god! Sorry about my confused state of mind.

How I hate nightmares! :|


  1. your post reminiscent me the horrible nightmares i had 4 years back!.... :(

    All the best with the results :)

  2. ohh...hmm

    Hope ur results are out by tis time..
    And I Hope u got good result :)

  3. Haha! Thanks. They were alright. :)